Learning Adobe Audition CC

I’ve been working on a pretty good-sized project involving Camtasia, Adobe Illustrator, SnagIt, Audacity, and a few other apps.  But audio has made me nuts.  Since it looks like this will be ongoing work, I paid for a year of Adobe Creative Cloud.  Then I downloaded Audition, Adobe’s audio editor.  And proceeded to go not-so-quietly nuts.

DVD cover

Luckily for my sanity and my marriage, I found Jeff Sengstack’s “Learning Adobe Audition CC” DVD.  After spending less than an hour with it my Audition productivity improved to the point that I can actually get useful work done.  You can pick up the DVD at Amazon for $50 or so.  If you’re struggling with audio issues but can afford Audition, this DVD is a must.
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Disclaimer: I bought the DVD from Amazon based on a friend’s recommendation.  I paid for it myself.  This endorsement is based solely on my decades of teaching and training experience and my appreciation for people who know their stuff and can explain it to the rest of us.

Well done, Mr. Sengstack.  And thank you.

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