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Tony Lima Associates
PO Box 937
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4 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Dave


    Re: time travel

    Stumbled upon your webpage based on someone else’s link re: the somewhat baffling “saga/battle royale” between the FBI and Apple.

    But I’m assuming you’re being facetious that you don’t know why?

    You are in California (based on your “About Me” page) which is 8 hours behind UTC time zone (in the UK). Hence the difference.



  2. Revd Geoff Houghton

    Hi Tony, Came across your article on getting an Apple OS to talk to a Ricoh printer and get through the postscript issue. I can’t get into the site for the instructions – they want a login and password… However, you kind say you have the instructions as a pdf and to just ask!

    I would be densely grateful for a copy, please. I had a fix but updated to Catalina but that’s no longer working and am hoping your solution can work for me.

    Many thanks, Geoff


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