Read This if Your iPhone or Other iOS Device is Dropping WiFi Frequently

We’ve been having this problem for approximately forever. We had been incorrectly blaming our Sonicwall TZ300W security router for this problem. It turns out that Apple made a “small” change to iOS that caused most (if not all) of the problems. Read this if your iPhone or other iOS device is dropping wifi frequently. This and many more good tips are on the Apple website. Continue Reading →

Apple Saved Me

Thursday night when I got home from work, I discovered I’d left my iPad 2 in the classroom. After calling the university lost and found, I realized I’d have to take action. Now it’s about a one-hour drive from my home to work. And I wasn’t looking forward to that drive, especially since I’d already done one round-trip that day. But then I remembered “Find My iPad.” Continue Reading →

First Look at Excel for iPad

While a few features are lacking (turning on word wrap in a cell, for example) this is a fully functional version of the popular Microsoft spreadsheet. I’ve given an overview of payment options and Office 365 in a previous post. Here I’ll walk through creating a typical worksheet on the iPad. Continue Reading →

Microsoft Office for iPad Fail

That’s right — these are the lightweight file viewers that have been available forever at To actually do any work, you’ll need to subscribe to Office 365. Now this is actually not a bad deal. For $100 a year you can use all of Office on up to five computers and five tablets. But, frankly, I’ve been using Documents to Go for years now and really like it. This app is from DataViz and is priced at about $20 for the version that lets you edit files. Continue Reading →

Six iPad Annoyances

Norma and I recently took a two-week vacation to Oregon.  We took her iPad 2 and my inherited iPad “classic.”  In preparation for the trip I upgraded my iPad 3G data plan Continue Reading →