Replacing the Airpod Pro Tip

It’s easy to replace the flexible tip on your Airpods, right?  After all, there are at least dozens of Youtube videos that demonstrate the process. Here’s my take on replacing the Airpod Pro tip.

But there are a few facts they leave out.  For example, the grip on the tip is not round — it is oval:

Airpod tip Replacing the Airpod Pro Tip

Airpod tip

But my problem was different. According to the video instructions, when you remove the tip, you should see this:

Airpod without tip Replacing the Airpod Pro Tip

Airpod without tip

But when I looked at my Airpod, I saw this:

My Airpod Replacing the Airpod Pro Tip

My Airpod

After some trial and error, I tried to pry that white thing off the Airpod.  Success!  Here’s what it looks like:

Grip front Replacing the Airpod Pro Tip

Grip front


Grip back Replacing the Airpod Pro Tip

Grip back

After removing that ring, it was easy to install the replacement tip.

Here’s what happened.  The Airpod tip has two parts.  The first is the flexible part that fits in your ear.  The second is an oval ring that snaps onto the Airpod.  The flexible part can tear away from the ring, leaving you looking at the image My Airpod above.

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