The Airpod Strap is Cheap Insurance

The Airpod Strap is cheap insurance.  Even the Wall Street Journal pointed out the ongoing, apparently massive, problem of Airpods falling out of ears into an unaccessible location.  The most popular loss points are sewer grates, toilets, and other locations best left to your imagination.

But for a mere $10.95 you can buy the GOGOSODU Airpod Strap. (The link takes you to This handy little item has two rubber strings with a loop at the end of each.  The loops hold your Airpods.  The rubber strings connect to a plastic horseshoe that fits around your neck. For details please watch this two-minute video.

The Journal article begins with this tale of woe.

For months, Danny Shea suffered a low-level anxiety that finally lifted in June as he boarded a flight from Munich.

His left AirPod tumbled from his ear and fell, forever gone, to the runway below. “I actually felt free,” the 34-year-old startup executive said.

Since losing his right earbud this year, Mr. Shea had been carefully shepherding the left one until its dive to the tarmac. Now, he said, “I’m back to holding the phone to my ear, which seems primitive. But, hey, it works.”

Spend the $10.95l.  Don’t be Danny.

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