Apple vs IBM Expert Opinions

Opening note: throughout this series I have refrained from using the names of the terrorists.  This has been (and will continue to be) my policy on all my blogs.  Terrorists will not be named.  This may slightly reduce the incentives for terrorist attacks.  No, I am not delusional. I realize the impact of my move will be practically nonexistent.

This is the fourth update to the original article.  Click here to read the whole thing (including links to all updates).

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Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson

After writing about this case most of the weekend I decided to get some professional help.  Not that kind, calm down.  I know a couple of folks who are familiar with the inner workings of iOS and related issues.  I asked them for their opinions.  Out of the box, one agreed that it was unlikely that there was any useful information on the iPhone.  Also (an interesting point) if Apple implemented the time delay between login attempts in the most secure way possible they built it into the hardware.  Meaning there may be no software hack available at all.

Which leads back to the question of why the FBI is so hot to pursue this case.  These folks agreed that the government is using Apple to try to set a legal precedent.  If correct, this represents yet another waste of taxpayer money to harass one of the country’s most successful companies.  I thought hiring former EPA chief Lisa Jackson was supposed to give Apple some cover against stuff like this.

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  2. Linda Claudine

    I just watched a new DEFCON presentation by a woman who already does this for DEA, FBI and variety of law enforcement. If they are on the cloud – EVERYTHING is quite easy to access. I was astounded and knew I did not like the iCloud and had shut down that for a reason. But any – any – machine (PC, Apple etc.) also had wealth of info. This is Apple just not wanting us to know how bad their security is – as that will become even more apparent. We need some judges and legislators who understand and keep up with this very important issue – everything will soon be networked – and they don’t know the DEA uses someone presenting at DEFCON? And AT&T and other reckless greedy ISPs need a cell next to the head of Goldman Sachs. IMHO.


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