Apple vs FBI Continues to Mystify

This morning brought some interesting speculation. Apple vs FBI continues to mystify. Yesterday I wondered aloud how an employee at the San Bernardino agency where one of the murderers worked could change the Apple ID password.  Today someone pointed out that the iPhone in the FBI’s possession is the guy’s work phone.  He destroyed his personal phone.  Of course his employer could change the Apple ID password — it was their phone!  (Note, however, that users can set their own passcode or passphrase for their iPhones.)

Does anyone really believe that the shooter would use his work phone for communications related to the planning of this hideous event?  I don’t.  Which makes me wonder why the FBI is so hot to get access to data that will probably be little more than schedule updates and reports on various restaurants.

Apple has been accused of grandstanding by refusing to decrypt this phone.  If my guesses are correct, the media has it exactly backwards.  It’s the FBI that’s grandstanding.

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