U.S. Bank Security Fail

While registering on the U.S. Bank website the other day I was asked to choose three security questions. U.S. Bank security fail. The list (see below, click the image for a full-sized version) includes the following questions:

  • Where would you most like to have a vacation home? (I used this question, but have no confidence that I will remember my answer.)
  • What was the name of your best friend in high school? (I can actually remember this, but the spelling is a problem.)
  • What was the name of your first college roommate? (Freshmen in my housing did not have their own rooms.)
  • What is your dream car? (My answer changes frequently.)
  • What are the last five digits of your favorite credit card? (People have favorite credit cards? Who knew?)
  • What was the worst car you owned? (Three or four way tie for this one.)

Not only that, but a link at the bottom of the page let me see more questions.  I clicked it, got more questions (equally bad), then clicked the link on the new page.  That displayed the complete list::

U.S. Bank Security Questions

U.S. Bank Security Questions (click the image for larger version)


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