Update On CalJobs

A few years ago I wrote about the mess that was CalJobs security.  This morning I got a request to approve a comment on this ancient post.  This brief post is an update on CalJobs.

Apparently things have not improved.  Allow me to quote from the most recent comment:

… And when I wrote company’s, the resume program changed it to companys.  As I’m a writer, I can’t afford typos in my resume. Luckily, CalJobs lets a person check a box so no employer can actually SEE the resume.  I checked it…Why they can’t let an applicant ATTACH his or her existing resume is beyond me.”

Remember, this is the same sort of government agency that wants to run your healthcare.  The major difference is that ObamaCare is headquartered 3,000 miles east of here, while Sacramento is relatively much closer.

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