Paperless Tickets and MMS Texting on the iPad

One of the frustrating aspects of using the iPad is that you can’t send text messages to the phone number.  Today it happens I needed that feature.  Or thought I did.  I was experimenting with paperless tickets and needed plain MMS texting on the iPad 2.  (You didn’t know your iPad had a phone number?  If you have the 3G or 4G iPad, look at Settings > General > About > Cellular Data Number.)

Here’s the short version: TextMe for the iPad brings industry-standard MMS texting to your device.  They give you a new phone number, bypassing the iPad’s built-in number. You can add images either from the camera or saved pictures.  It’s pretty easy to set up, but choose the e-mail address carefully.  It’s somewhat helpful to use the same e-mail you use for the Apple App Store.  You’ll need that e-mail in a minute.

I needed SMS texting because I was buying a ticket online.  One of the delivery options was to “send to Walletini.”  This little goodie is actually an iPhone app, but it works just fine on the iPad.  Walletini manages tickets.  You can shop for tickets through the app, but there’s a mildly entertaining bug.  Walletini can access the iPad’s location services.  The app correctly located our house — then tried to sell me tickets to events about 2,000 miles away (see screen shot below).  Interestingly, the app gets it right when you type in a zip code.  Don’t ask me why.  Walletini works by sending an SMS message to your iPad — hence, the need for TextMe.  You’ll want to use the same e-mail for both.  It turns out that
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The objective of all this was to buy a paperless ticket to the StanfordSanta Clara baseball game tonight.  Interestingly, the Santa Clara University sports website uses considerably more advanced technology than Stanford.  The site lets you select your seat from an interactive map, gives you several delivery options (including Walletini) and generally has a pretty nifty look and feel.  Stanford is locked in to StubHub which is nowhere near as cool.  Maybe Stanford should buy a license for Santa Clara’s software instead.

Walletini Tries to Send Me 2,000 Miles East

Walletini Tries to Send Me 2,000 Miles East

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  1. Mark Tacchi

    Tony, thank you for checking out Walletini. We deployed the fix for the location bug you encountered, thanks for the feedback. It’s exciting to hear that you found the app and the ticket buying process simple. We will continue to improve the experience based on feedback from users like you.

    Mark Tacchi


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