HP Needs a Really, Really Hostile Takeover

I’m not a big fan of Larry Ellison and Oracle.  But after my experiences of the last year or so, I’m ready to support any bid he wants to make.  HP needs a really, really hostile takeover.  Followed immediately by firing the entire board of directors and all managers with the title of vice-president or above. It happens that we own two major pieces of HP hardware.  One is a quad core 64-bit HP Pavilion with about 6 gb of memory and enormous hard drive capability.  We use it for image and video work mostly.  It arrived with Windows Vista.  Once Windows 7 had been reasonably stabilized, we immediately upgraded.  (Of course, MS-DOS or CP/M would be an upgrade from Vista, but that’s another story.)

We also own an HP LaserJet 3055 multifunction printer/scanner/fax/copier.  We bought it because it was network-ready.  I can scan, fax, and do all sorts of things from most computers on the network.

Most.  Not the HP Pavilion.  It’s taken close to a year for HP to even produce drivers for 64 bit Windows 7.  That means the HP computer can finally print to the HP printer with some reliability.  Fax, scan?  Forget it.  I have spent literally hours trying to follow HP’s various suggestions, directives, instructions, and other crap.  Nothing — nothing — has worked.  The final straw was today when, in desperation, I tried to install the HP “total solution.”  Naturally the installation crashed, but there was hope.  HP asked if it was all right to upload an error report.  They then sent a web page to the computer’s desktop that contained instructions.
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Unfortunately, the first three instructions were to update Windows (already done), update the drivers (there’s only one set of Win 7 drivers available), and some other really stupid suggestion.  Finally we get to disabling startup items, services, and so on.  Try installing the HP software again. Oops. Failed.  And downloaded the identical web page to the desktop.

This company really, really needs a corporate enema.  The sooner the better.  Larry, are you and/or Mark Hurd listening?

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