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Google can't do anything right

Yet Another Google Fail

Unfortunately, Google failed at the next step:

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NSA is listening

Marketplace Privacy Fail. Assist to All Things Digital

Let’s see, now, when was the last time the NSA asked me to sign a TOS? Oh, that’s right — never.

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First Try at Google Directions

Google Maps Fail

Today my lovely wife asked me to help with a small project: figuring out the size of a parcel of …

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Google Zagat

Google Zagat Table View

[I’m pretty sure this is a joke.  I hope.  Please let it be a joke.  OMG, it’s not.  See Foodspotting (click …

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Google Logo

Is Google Evil?

Is Google evil?  The best answer I’ve heard was from “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me” (the NPR news quiz) …

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