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Google Zagat

Google Zagat Table View

[I’m pretty sure this is a joke.  I hope.  Please let it be a joke.  OMG, it’s not.  See Foodspotting (click …

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Walletini Tries to Send Me 2,000 Miles East

Paperless Tickets and MMS Texting on the iPad

One of the frustrating aspects of using the iPad is that you can’t send text messages to the phone number. …

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8-bit Dynamic Life T-Shirts

Ten Geek T-Shirts has ten geek t-shirts that are pretty good.  I’ll just include one example (the first, as it happens). The 8-Bit …

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Google Logo

Is Google Evil?

Is Google evil?  The best answer I’ve heard was from “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me” (the NPR news quiz) …

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Blackberry 10 prototype?

RIM Beats HP

(Follow the “read more” link for a video of the featured image above.} RIM beats HP in utter incompetence. That’s …

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Palm Pre

HP has No Engineers Left

HP has no engineers left.  That’s the only explanation for this amazing story in the January 2, 2012 New York …

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