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EFX stock price from Yahoo finance featured

The Equifax Data Breach

[crossposted from] [Update September 20] Equifax experienced a breach in March.  Apparently they did not inform anyone.  From Bloomberg: …

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IPhone No Ring Featured

My iPhone 6s Phone Would Not Ring But I Found The Answer

For about six months, my iPhone 6s phone would not ring but I found the answer. The key was this …

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Skype Email Skype Fail

Skype Fail

  [Update June 6] Well.  I was wrong.  My Windows phone was updated to 8.1. That means Microsoft has abandoned …

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Severe Error

Adobe Audition Fixes the Problem With One Possible Gotcha

[Update May 19, 2017] A few days ago, Adobe released Audition  Numerous users reported that their problem was fixed.  …

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Apple Wallet Ticket Summary Tickets Via Apple Wallet

Tickets Via Apple Wallet

I am a long-time season ticket holder for Stanford baseball.  This year, for the first time, Stanford offered ticketing via …

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TempTraq Patch TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq Temperature Monitor

This remarkable device is a stick-on patch with built-in temperature measurement, Bluetooth, and a smartphone app to capture results. The app also lets you set temperature alarms and monitor multiple patches simultaneously. And it’s extraordinarily easy to use. With a suggested retail price of $19.99 it’s remarkably cheap. Even better, you can buy patches from many retailers at a discount. I paid $16 at Target, for example.

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TASCAM pre-amps iPhone 7 Breaks High-End Audio Setup

iPhone 7 Audio Broken by High-End Setup

My lovely wife has become something of an expert shooting video with her iPhone. She has experimented with many audio …

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Zdziarski resume excerpt

Apple v FBI: Saved By Experts

All the experts agree on one thing, however. The FBI has most likely found photos of the guy’s cats.

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iPhone 6

Apple vs FBI: The FBI Tries to Save Face

The agency claims they have found an unnamed third party from the private sector that can crack iOS 9. My offhand reaction: BS.

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DVD cover

Learning Adobe Audition CC

Luckily for my sanity and my marriage, I found Jeff Sengstack’s “Learning Adobe Audition CC” DVD. After spending less than an hour with it my Audition productivity improved to the point that I can actually get useful work done.

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