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EFX stock price from Yahoo finance featured

The Equifax Data Breach

[crossposted from] [Update September 20] Equifax experienced a breach in March.  Apparently they did not inform anyone.  From Bloomberg: …

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Mac Mail Disaster Recovery Featured

Mac Mail Disaster Recovery

Tony Lima September 25, 2015 Copyright (C) 2015 Tony Lima. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document …

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QNAP NAS Major Win

If you’re looking for NAS, I can give my unqualified endorsement to QNAP. Regular readers will understand how unusual this is. For newcomers, here’s the quick summary: NEVER.

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Drop Down Menu Location

Apple Saved Me

Thursday night when I got home from work, I discovered I’d left my iPad 2 in the classroom. After calling the university lost and found, I realized I’d have to take action. Now it’s about a one-hour drive from my home to work. And I wasn’t looking forward to that drive, especially since I’d already done one round-trip that day. But then I remembered “Find My iPad.”

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StackOverflow Excel Tags

Learning Visual Basic for Excel

Between Cynthia Brown’s detailed instructions and help at StackOverflow you should be good to learn VBA for Excel.

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Wordpress Plugins Page

Ten Best WordPress Plugins for 2013

 [Updated July 16, 2013 to add WP Socializer to the social media plugin list.] My lovely wife and I use …

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Echelon 2.3 Responsive Settings

WPTouch Meets a Responsive Theme

Was this article useful?  Contribute a few bucks →  [simplepullquote]Warning: this article makes many references to a “responsive theme.”  However, the …

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Heyday Screen

Heyday Will Save the NSA Time and Effort

  My lovely wife was perusing her SkyGrid feed this morning and ran across a review for an app called …

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SonicWALL TZ-200W

Java 7 0-Day Vulnerability Was Blocked by SonicWALL

A few days ago a seemingly urgent report passed before me.  According to these reports, there was an exploit that …

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Command - 2 Opens Yahoo!

Seven Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X and Safari 2012

Today I discovered seven keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X and Safari 2012.  It turns out that pressing Command-<number key> …

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