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Severe Error

Adobe Audition Fixes the Problem With One Possible Gotcha

[Update May 19, 2017] A few days ago, Adobe released Audition  Numerous users reported that their problem was fixed.  …

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Google can't do anything right

Yet Another Google Fail

Unfortunately, Google failed at the next step:

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Ten Day Forecast

Weather Underground Mini-Fail

Excuse me? 98%? Weather Underground needs to add a “look out the window” function.

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Computer Magazine, February, 2014

A Touch of Irony in Apple’s Security Flaw

I belong to the IEEE. As such I receive their monthly magazine, Computer. The February, 2014 cover is shown above. Timely, huh? Software testing indeed.

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Facebook Ad Fail

Facebook Ad Failure

I do not read Japanese.

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Excel Help Fail

Microsoft Office for the Mac 2011 Fail

When Microsoft released Office 2011 for the Mac and I read the reviews, I upgraded immediately.  The reviews said document …

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Java Fail

Java Fail

I took a deep breath and upgraded my MacBook to Mountain Lion yesterday.  Things are going pretty well, but a …

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Apple Mac Mail Fail

Apple Mac Mail Total Failure

I’m pretty fed up.  Mac Mail still lets e-mail get stuck in the outbox.  Just today I had to delete …

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This American Life UI (mobile version)

Worst User Interface Ever

Congratulations to “This American Life” for the worst user interface ever.  This show is broadcast on many NPR radio stations. …

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Opening Banner

Dell Fail

The other day we got a flyer from Dell.  The opening page was encouraging (name deleted to protect the victim): …

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