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Did North Korea Really Hack Sony?

IP addresses were hard-coded into the software. This is never, ever done by any reputable programmer. Unless the North Koreans were blatantly advertising their actions — not at all out of the question — there is no reason to do this. But it makes me suspect that perhaps someone else did the hack and used this to point toward North Korea.

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Russians Used GPS to Hack the Sewer System

“… residents of the housing complex “Novoe Devyatkino” have flushed waterproof GPS trackers down their toilets in a bid to highlight deficiencies in the treatment of sewage and the dangerously polluted local ecology.”

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DNA Fluctuations and Their Implications

Was this article useful?  Contribute a few bucks → [DNA image courtesy of Zephyris at the English language Wikipedia.] [Corrected Sept. 20, …

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AT&T Error Message

AT&T Bait-and-Switch Sim Card Swap Mischief

Was this article useful?  Contribute a few bucks → The title is the best way I can describe our most recent …

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Heyday Screen

Heyday Will Save the NSA Time and Effort

  My lovely wife was perusing her SkyGrid feed this morning and ran across a review for an app called …

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NSA is listening

Marketplace Privacy Fail. Assist to All Things Digital

Let’s see, now, when was the last time the NSA asked me to sign a TOS? Oh, that’s right — never.

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With All the Speed and Efficiency of the DMV

But don’t worry. will work just fine. Someday. Maybe.

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PRISM data model

A Simple Question for the NSA Snoops and the Obama Administration

(Featured image above from Gizmodo.) This blog is about technology, including its use and misuse.  During the past few weeks …

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First Try at Google Directions

Google Maps Fail

Today my lovely wife asked me to help with a small project: figuring out the size of a parcel of …

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Update On CalJobs

A few years ago I wrote about the mess that was CalJobs security.  This morning I got a request to …

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