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TempTraq Patch TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq Temperature Monitor

This remarkable device is a stick-on patch with built-in temperature measurement, Bluetooth, and a smartphone app to capture results. The app also lets you set temperature alarms and monitor multiple patches simultaneously. And it’s extraordinarily easy to use. With a suggested retail price of $19.99 it’s remarkably cheap. Even better, you can buy patches from many retailers at a discount. I paid $16 at Target, for example.

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Zdziarski resume excerpt

Apple v FBI: Saved By Experts

All the experts agree on one thing, however. The FBI has most likely found photos of the guy’s cats.

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iPhone 6

Apple vs FBI: The FBI Tries to Save Face

The agency claims they have found an unnamed third party from the private sector that can crack iOS 9. My offhand reaction: BS.

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Apple vs FBI: What the FBI Wants

“For me, the middle ground” is to do “what the law requires,” Ms. Lynch responded, which drew a smattering of laughter and hisses from the audience.

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Jim Comey

Comey Admits FBI Screwed Up On Apple vs FBI

The FBI has been dishonest throughout this process. They have blamed Apple for their own failings. Is there any part of the U.S. Justice Department that has not been tainted by Eric Holder’s mendacity?

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Lisa Jackson

Apple vs IBM Expert Opinions

… the government is using Apple to try to set a legal precedent. If correct, this represents yet another waste of taxpayer money to harass one of the country’s most successful companies.

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Mike Luckovich Cartoon

Apple vs FBI Curiouser and Curiouser

But earlier it was alleged that the FBI had recovered iCloud data. In that statement the FBI said the backups had ended two weeks before the attack. Which triggers another question. How did the FBI recover the earlier data if they did not have the old iCloud password?

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Apple vs FBI Continues to Mystify

Apple has been accused of grandstanding by refusing to decrypt this phone. If my guesses are correct, the media has it exactly backwards. It’s the FBI that’s grandstanding.

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Apple vs FBI Gets Weirder

In other words, whoever changed the password had to know the old password. Another explanation is that the person in question was in possession of the phone that might be used for password recovery. There is something very rotten here. This is not the end of this story.

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Mike Luckovich Cartoon

Apple vs FBI Overview

Put simply, the FBI wants Apple to write some code that disables the delay feature. That way they can stream passcode guesses to the device at (literally) the speed of electricity. This will clearly be much faster. But is it a good idea?

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