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Facebook’s Latest Misadventure

I try to log on to  Facebook a couple of times a week just to see the new methods Mark …

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HP Needs a Really, Really Hostile Takeover

I’m not a big fan of Larry Ellison and Oracle.  But after my experiences of the last year or so, …

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Square Credit Card Reader

The Square Credit Card Reader: Nifty New Device for iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones

At a recent large winetasting event (over 300 wineries represented, tough work but someone has to do it), we saw …

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Six iPad Annoyances

Norma and I recently took a two-week vacation to Oregon.  We took her iPad 2 and my inherited iPad “classic.”  In preparation …

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GM and Toyota on the Car of the Future

“The cell phone is not the distraction.  It’s the driving that’s the distraction.” – Byron Shaw On Tuesday, July 12, Norma …

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Netflix: Suckers

We’ve become accustomed to watching Netflix streaming over our Sony PS-3.  Apparently Sony does not share our enthusiasm.  We are …

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Facebook Says My Mom's Hometown Has an Illegal Name

Facebook: Dumb and Dumber

It’s 5:30 pm left coast time on Friday, Dec. 17.  I decided to check in with Facebook to see what’s …

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Attention WordPress Users!

We’ve been using WordPress for a couple of our sites ( and, among others).  While it’s a great tool with a thriving ecology, …

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Facebook Privacy: Get Over It

About a year ago, my wife and I attended a seminar presented by Clark Dodsworth (Osage Associates), an expert on …

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Vulkano: A Case Study in Bad Marketing

The Sept. 16 New York Times includes a review of the Vulkano by David Pogue.  Excerpts below are from that review — as …

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