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Skype Email Skype Fail

Skype Fail

  [Update June 6] Well.  I was wrong.  My Windows phone was updated to 8.1. That means Microsoft has abandoned …

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Severe Error

Adobe Audition Fixes the Problem With One Possible Gotcha

[Update May 19, 2017] A few days ago, Adobe released Audition  Numerous users reported that their problem was fixed.  …

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Apple Wallet Ticket Summary Tickets Via Apple Wallet

Tickets Via Apple Wallet

I am a long-time season ticket holder for Stanford baseball.  This year, for the first time, Stanford offered ticketing via …

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TempTraq Patch TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq Temperature Monitor

This remarkable device is a stick-on patch with built-in temperature measurement, Bluetooth, and a smartphone app to capture results. The app also lets you set temperature alarms and monitor multiple patches simultaneously. And it’s extraordinarily easy to use. With a suggested retail price of $19.99 it’s remarkably cheap. Even better, you can buy patches from many retailers at a discount. I paid $16 at Target, for example.

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TASCAM pre-amps iPhone 7 Breaks High-End Audio Setup

iPhone 7 Audio Broken by High-End Setup

My lovely wife has become something of an expert shooting video with her iPhone. She has experimented with many audio …

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Zdziarski resume excerpt

Apple v FBI: Saved By Experts

All the experts agree on one thing, however. The FBI has most likely found photos of the guy’s cats.

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iPhone 6

Apple vs FBI: The FBI Tries to Save Face

The agency claims they have found an unnamed third party from the private sector that can crack iOS 9. My offhand reaction: BS.

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DVD cover

Learning Adobe Audition CC

Luckily for my sanity and my marriage, I found Jeff Sengstack’s “Learning Adobe Audition CC” DVD. After spending less than an hour with it my Audition productivity improved to the point that I can actually get useful work done.

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Apple vs FBI: What the FBI Wants

“For me, the middle ground” is to do “what the law requires,” Ms. Lynch responded, which drew a smattering of laughter and hisses from the audience.

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Jim Comey

Comey Admits FBI Screwed Up On Apple vs FBI

The FBI has been dishonest throughout this process. They have blamed Apple for their own failings. Is there any part of the U.S. Justice Department that has not been tainted by Eric Holder’s mendacity?

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