TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq Patch TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq Temperature Monitor

A project I’m working on needs constant temperature monitoring. While searching for a cost-effective solution I ran across the TempTraq temperature monitor. This remarkable device is a stick-on patch with built-in temperature measurement, Bluetooth, and a smartphone app to capture results. The app also lets you set temperature alarms and monitor multiple patches simultaneously. And it’s extraordinarily easy to use. With a suggested retail price of $19.99 it’s remarkably cheap. Even better, you can buy patches from many retailers at a discount. I paid $16 at Target, for example.

TempTraq Patch

TempTraq Patch (click for larger image)

The package is a stick-on patch about 2 x 3.9 inches. To activate the patch, just pinch at the obvious spot. Stick the patch on with the temperature sensor (upper left corner) in the place you want to measure temperature.

TempTraq advertises this as a device to continuously monitor your baby’s temperature. Even the packaging delivers that message.

TempTraq Packaging TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq Packaging

You can set alarms for various temperature levels and monitor multiple patches at the same time. Each patch has a unique ID number used to connect to the app.

TempTraq App Icon TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq App Icon

But there are many other possible uses, limited only by your imagination. One limitation is the temperature range it can handle, between 87.0 and 109.3°F.

The patch communicates with a smartphone app via a Bluetooth connection. I used my iPhone 6s.

The Bluetooth connection from the patch does not show up in the Settings/Bluetooth device list. It apparently only is visible to the app. The real-time monitoring produces a graph. (This graph below is incomplete because the patch failed, most likely because I’m a restless sleeper. TempTraq support was very responsive and promised to send a replacement. Each patch has a two-year warranty.)

TempTraq Temperature Graph TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq Temperature Graph (click for larger image)

Once the patch has expired the app will send you an e-mail with a .csv file attachment showing the temperature readings at two minute intervals. That’s 720 rows if my math is correct. Here’s what the spreadsheet looks like:

TempTraq Excel Report TempTraq Temperature Monitor

TempTraq Excel Report (click for larger image)

Let me know what creative uses you find for this truly innovative product.

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