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Computer Magazine, February, 2014

A Touch of Irony in Apple’s Security Flaw

I belong to the IEEE. As such I receive their monthly magazine, Computer. The February, 2014 cover is shown above. Timely, huh? Software testing indeed.

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DNA Fluctuations and Their Implications

Was this article useful?  Contribute a few bucks → [DNA image courtesy of Zephyris at the English language Wikipedia.] [Corrected Sept. 20, …

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Wordpress Plugins Page

Ten Best WordPress Plugins for 2013

 [Updated July 16, 2013 to add WP Socializer to the social media plugin list.] My lovely wife and I use …

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AT&T Error Message

AT&T Bait-and-Switch Sim Card Swap Mischief

Was this article useful?  Contribute a few bucks → The title is the best way I can describe our most recent …

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Echelon 2.3 Responsive Settings

WPTouch Meets a Responsive Theme

Was this article useful?  Contribute a few bucks →  [simplepullquote]Warning: this article makes many references to a “responsive theme.”  However, the …

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