Apple Mac Mail Total Failure

Apple Mac Mail Fail

Apple Mac Mail Total Failure

I’m pretty fed up.  Mac Mail still lets e-mail get stuck in the outbox.  Just today I had to delete two messages because they would have been delivered after a deadline.  I’ve written about this before.  It has become Apple Mac Mail total failure.

What’s even worse is that you will probably not notice the problem.  Mac Mail does not show the Outbox most of the time.  Therefore, the only indication that messages are stuck is this:

The only way to see the Outbox is to quit Mail then re-launch it.  Then you can see the stuck messages (as shown above).

Apple has a reputation for making products that work.  Mail is their software.  So is OS X.  If Apple can’t fix this problem, maybe they should ask Forté Software to write a version of Agent for the Mac.  I’ve been using Agent on various Windows machines for over a decade and have never had this problem once.

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