Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2012’

Write to NTFS Volumes From OS X Lion

Writing to NTFS volumes from OS X has become increasingly difficult, especially with Lion.  Beginning with snow leopard (OS X …

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A New Facebook Feature Needs a New Word

A new Facebook feature needs a new word. At least they call it a feature. Facebook has recently started automatically …

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Operator Precedence: A Long-Time Form of Discrimination

Operator precedence has been a long-time form of discrimination.  This bias is so ingrained that if you’re under 35, you …

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CFL Lightbulb Burnt Out

CFL Bulbs Danger: Something Else to Worry About

CFL bulbs are dangerous.  Events of the last week have given me something else to worry about.  There are potential …

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AOL Service Request Form

AOL Idiots Implement IP Reputation Screening, But Badly

The AOL idiots have apparently implemented IP reputation screening, but very badly. Friday, March 2 e-mail from one of my …

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Pwn Plug: Something New to Worry About

Ars Technica (@arstechnica) The Pwn Plug is a little white box that can hack your network:

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