Is Google Evil?

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Is Google Evil?

Is Google evil?  The best answer I’ve heard was from “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me” (the NPR news quiz) on January 28. The links below are to a very short audio file that will explain everything. Various formats and file sizes are available.  Choose carefully, grasshopper.





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  1. Ayesha Masud
    Ayesha Masud04-02-2012

    How can O Facebook this piece? It’s hilarious!!

    • Tony Lima
      Tony Lima04-15-2012

      Look for Tony Lima Associates page (or group, I forget) on Facebook. Or you can just share the link.

  2. Google Maps Fail - Tony Lima Associates
    Google Maps Fail - Tony Lima Associates12-15-2012

    […] We’ve always been suspicious of Google’s motivation.  Over 90 percent of the company’s revenue comes from advertising.  Their stock price is around $700 a share giving a hefty price-earnings ratio of 22.  And the stock’s beta is 1.23, making it pretty volatile (data from Yahoo! Finance as of December 15, 2012).  Under those conditions, there is always pressure to figure out “innovative” ways to increase earnings.  Events like those described here just make us wonder even more about whether Google has sold their map search results.  If you have any experiences with Google maps, please share them in the comments area below. […]

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