Sony: How About a Little Support for Windows 7?

Sony: How About a Little Support for Windows 7?

Drivers.  Windows users have learned to shudder at that word.  Drivers were a big part of the problems with Vista.  Here we are again, another Windows upgrade, and … apparently manufacturers still haven’t gotten the message.  Sony has this to say about drivers for a notebook computer that’s a couple of years old:

Don’t I need drivers from Sony for Microsoft(R) Windows (R) 7?

Not necessarily.  Basic system functionality should be automatically enabled with the drivers included with the Windows(R) 7 operating system.

However, if one of the drivers that came with the operating system does not work with your system, you can try installing the Windows Vista(R) version of the driver provided by Sony for your model.  Many of the Windows Vista(R) drivers are compatible with Windows(R) 7 based on current testing.  Make sure you choose the bit version (32-bit or 64-bit) that matches your version of Windows(R) 7.

Note: Sony software applications that originally shipped with the computer may not work after upgrade.”

(Read it for yourself:

The computer in question is a Sony VAIO notebook model VGNAR570N.  And I’m sure Sony would much rather we buy a new computer.  We might — but it won’t be from them!

I wonder what Microsoft thinks about this treatment?

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